Oct 10, 2018

Work In Progress!~

Some of you already knew it, some of you don't. 

I got hold of a new website domain where I can personalize my blog even more detailed than Blogspot can with it's inside website builder. This is going to mean that I am getting a whole new website. (Link will be shared as soon as I am almost done!)

But here comes the fun part! You can be part of the blog aswell! What will this mean?

I am giving you guys a chance to become a part of the blog. My question is; 

- What do you guys want to see on the blog?
- What do you guys definetly NOT want to see on the blog?
- Do you wanna work on guides/characters/info aswell?
- Or do you have anything else to ask/suggest?

Feel free to send me a message! This can be done by 2 ways!

- Message me on Discord by my Discordtag; Domi#8176 (You can use the Discord app (Windows, Android, IOS, Mac and Lynux) or open Discord in it's browser!)
- Message me on Red Stone on the following characters; Nutella & Ganserina

You don't have to be an expert and don't need specific programs to be a part of the team. I can help you along the way if needed. For more info; message me!

Stay tuned!