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Oct 26, 2015

Domi, where are you?

As you may know, I've made the decision to stop play Red Stone. Why? Because I don't feel like playing anymore.. If I log in and try to level, I just don't like it anymore. I've played every character I think (except for the squire/warrior), and the only 3 character I really liked to play were the Champion, Princess/Little Witch and Maid. None of them is screaming to get me back anymore, so yea.

Some of the people I spoke in-game about me leaving asked me what I am playing now. I'm not really playing-playing like I played Red Stone, but when I feel like to I log in and play a bit. What is that game what I'm playing now? Dragon Nest Europe, (can be found on Steam)!

I played it a few hours now, And it's for me a replacement for Red Stone. It's pretty fun to kill some time with :)

So this is kinda what I'm doing now, no more Red Stone :) 

So I guess this was one of the last things to post on my blog for now, maybe that I ever get interested in Red Stone again and that ill be playing it again, but for now I dont think so :) 

My mage waving to High Brunestig ;-;
Bye Red Stone ♥ Thanks for all the time we've spend and all the good time we had! Also thanks to all the people that helped me, and brought me company through the game! Love for you all ♥

Jun 3, 2015

Cosplays :3

Hei o/

Long time ago since I used my blog for the last time. I've been out of redstone for about 3/4 weeks and im still kinda out cause I'm still waiting for Demon Sorceress.. Until that time im not gonna buy a new prem or do anything useful :/

As you all may have seen, there are 2 kinds of costumes (aka cosplays) avaible in the sd bags and pointstore now. Cosplay 1 and Cosplay 3. But there are more!

- Cosplay Swim
- Cosplay Halloween
- Cosplay Collabo

So thats a total of 5 costume packages!

Cos 1
Cos 3

Cos Collabo

Cos HW

Cos Swim
These are all the costume packages, why Red Stone ever made the costumes? I cant bring another legit reason then that they brought them for the few extra powerfull points (which u can also add by urself with magic stones) and the looks for the characters.

For my opinion, I find the costumes a good idea, cause of the addable extra points for you character, and u are able to customize your character.

When will the other costume packages come out? I have really no idea yet, neither do i know it about the demon sorceress.. But until then, ill be patiently waiting here :) Just as i did the last 5 weeks xD

Mar 29, 2015

Back in the lvling process~

Heii :)

So i just had my exams, and last week i started to lvl again :) YAS *o*
Im so happy I finished them, all so hard to do, like so hard I have the feeling i failed for a few :( In my first exam week i only failed for 1 test so im curious for the results!

So, i started lvling again.... Process: I lvled 90 lvls, & I changed guilds, since i was vice from Infamous, they asked me to join the sister guild Zantetsuken ^^

So, Im curious how much i'll level soon :) I want to get lvl 300 soon and try to get the maid awakening if it is there... Is there even a maid Awakenings quest already? I hope so!!

London trip has been paid, ID has been checked, everything is okay! im ready to pack my bags and leave to London :) Im so excited!! 

This week imma probably be more inactive, since I am busy with school... AGAIN
Im already happy its not with exams again!!... well kinda... I can try 1 exam of choice again, which means if I make it good this time, my endings results can change! So I'll just take this chance and try a test again... what will it be: I guess English.... yup. Well, pronouncing and understanding the language goes well, only when it comes to get information out of a text... stop please ;-; english exam was about reading a text and answering questions with the help of the texts, normally i score pretty good at reading a text, but for a weird reason i just didnt at this test... So be it, I'll retry the test and see what happends.. or maybe try another test... Making choices is also a pretty bad part in my life x3 I actually hate making choices :P 

Anyways... Enjoy your (maybe lazy) sunday, and see you next week!

Feb 24, 2015

Finally lvl 100 wauw...

Heiiii o/

After a long & boring time, mi maid finally turned lvl 100~ !! Why did it toke so long? 

I dont have my prem yet, I'm hardcore learning for exams, only log in then to say hiii and afk, learn afk etc etc... BUSY D: glad if thats done...

I've been trying to find THE ultimate skills & stats for my maid :D im like finding out now what i like the most and what my dmg makes, with alot of help from Nova's >> Blog << Take a look at her blog, she has much info and tips :D

exams... no need to explain... i guess im gud so... My motto for exam week?
Don't be sad, because sad is backward das... And das not gud! :D

what to do now? enjoy my springbreak and lvl :D have fun everyone!!

Selfie with my lovely gm aka brother x3 ♥

Feb 9, 2015

Exams and Maid... Yippy ya jeej?


So so so.... as promised I would post on my blog if I knew more about the maid ! :D Well.... here it comes!!

If I'm right, Maid releases on 10/11 Februari!!!!

Yay! Im excited to play the maid :3 L&K told me, they would release the characters one by one, so as you can see, they start with Maid :D Happy!!

All great and fine, but I have one problem... March the 9th, is my 2nd exam week starting... Not so yay~ But I have to deal with it since its part of this year ;o They count for 40% for my actual exams next year.... So that means, i wont be so active :) I will be studying :c 

I hope L&K keeps their promise and release maid soon :3 But we will see :D 

For each player, have fun & stay patient :)

Jan 26, 2015

Maid!! Where are you when u are supposed to clean the drama!! UPDATED

Update: I recently contacted L&K about the maid, the maid will NOT be released this week. They are thankfull for our patient but they can't release a specific date yet. No Maid this week!! Keep an eye on the Facebookpage of Red Stone & on our GNGsite. -L&K

Haii :D

So yesterday I picked up somewhere that one of the 3 new characters will release this week!! What will it be? ..... The Maid!! Yay! Happy Domi!!

My plan was, to make a Maid in the early game, then get turn into a Demon Sorceress in my later game. so my plan is working and im glad they releasing even 1 of the 3 chars this week! Woooo )o)

So I'm waiting for Maid now and then? I name it, I play it :3

Have fun everyone~

Jan 25, 2015

Grand Opening Wannabe....

Haii :D

On January the 20th, was Red Stone's GRAND opening, without the grand part... The part everyone had been waiting for... The new characters...

A few days before the opening, there was a post made my L&K on the GameNGame site, that the new character WOULDN'T be up by the grand opening and that they needed some more time to upload em. On the Redstone Community Freedom site at Facebook, a few players reposted the post for the members so that they could see that the new characters wouldn't be included by the grand opening. Alot of chaos and drama came free but (gladly) there were a few people who could be patient and now, are we all waiting till we get some more info about the new characters.

Until now, I didn't seen any posts from L&K about the new characters so stay tuned on my blog, or on facebook! I hope we get some more info asap :D

Between now and half March I will be less active since I have exams soon. When I was making my first exams back in November, I came to the conclusion i had some troubles and started to late with studying... when I got back my notes, I understand that I was lucky since only 1 subject was a bad grade. Phew~ So I'm starting early now, hoping that it will help :D

After the new characters has been added, im planning to make in the early game a Maid and in the later game a Demon Sorceress Called AisuKuriimu 

Q: What are you going to make? Maid/Demon Sorceress and/or Opticalist/Beastman ?

Happy Grindings~