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Jul 9, 2018

Satisfied with my char... FOR NOW

2 weeks have passed since my first rebirth. I quiet got the taste from the rebirths because 2 weeks later I'm here;

Who would've thought this? No one actually I think. Since I get so bored so easy of all the leveling. But still, I've surprised myself! 4 rebirts in 2 weeks is actually pretty much for me. Especially since this all was so new to me. Never had rebirth before and now I'm here :)

Not going to make a big deal of it, but still;

Thanks to all the people who's sticked up with me and helped me with getting this far! 

Now what am I going to do? 

- Finish important quests
- Deliver more redstones
- Finish my Adventure Reports
- Get more levels
(Extra goal; - Get to rebirth 5 (mostly impossible for me xD)) 

I'm curious how far Nutella will get :3 

Jun 22, 2018

So Proud And Overly Excited!

Hi all :3

I finally did it for the first time in my life... Rebirth in Red Stone!

I was so excited and so working to this. My plan was lvling to 860 and immediately do 3 rebirths, but that was not going to happen. Since Nutella is very weak still and not having the right items I can't grind that easily. I'm now working to my second rebirth etc etc :) 

Went from level 718 > 577, so I could still use all my gear! 

What now? Get back to grinding because I finished my mainquest :)

Ps; thanks to all the people that've helped me! Way to much names to add but they know who they are! :)

May 17, 2018

Costume Collection 2.0

A few blogpost earlier I have made a collection with costumes per categorie. Now I took a whole different turn and made a collection with each character apart!

This collection has 11 Costumes! (Except for Musketeer since it's a really recent character!)

- Collaboration #1
- Collaboration #2
- Collaboration #3
- Halloween
- Christmas
- Swimwear
- First Cosplay
- Suit
- Police
- Contest
- Black & White (Holy & Dark)

And I added the "Normal Outfits" of each character

Magic Archer



Demon Sorceress


Fallen Angel

Magic Lancer

Little Witch
















Is Thieferin Back?

Hi all :3

Yes! I gave Thieferin another try :D Missed playing a thief so much besides my champion ;c Made Thieferin as an alt for when I'm bored on Nutella ;D

What have I been doing?

- Leveling Nutella & Babe
- Leveling Thieferin kinda
- Making new stuff for my blog :3

Soon there will be a new banner and a new background :)

I've been making Costume Collections per character. In my next blogpost ill post each character and it's 11 Costumes! (Except that much for Musketeer since it's a pretty recent char!)

But until then,

Happy grindings :3

May 13, 2018

So Domi, did you pick a main already?

Hi all :3

I've been playing redstone for the past 3 weeks now, and I have to say.. I'm glad to be back!

I kinda missed playing the game in my freetime and since I have alot of it now I can play alot. So I'm trying to level now as fast as I can and as much as I want :)

I decided to play Nutella (Champion) as my main and level only her for now.

I awakened to the Rage Assailant for now, but going back to Stylish Attacker when it's the time for it. First collecting gear and enough levels, and then reskilling and awakening back to stylish attacker.

I also switched guilds. I switched from Whaha (Whaha's guild)  to Vivid (Omni's guild) to walk gsds with Babe (Superpam's Champion).

Now just casually trying to level up, walking sds and doing quests.

So for now,

So long my pal~

Apr 26, 2018

I'm back?

Hi :3

Yes, I'm back! After a full 2-3 years I decided to come back! I kinda missed the game and I heard that there were alot of changes in the game!

So what am I doing now in life? I'm participating a bakery education! Graduating this year actually, so I'll be done with school in less then a year :3

What characters am I playing at the moment? I'm playing my maid "AisuKuriimu" and my champion "Nutella" :D Currently focusing on my champion tho, but I'll be leveling both :)

Anyways, there will be more updates probably on what and how I'm doing on redstone. 

I'm glad to be back~

Oct 26, 2015

Domi, where are you?

As you may know, I've made the decision to stop play Red Stone. Why? Because I don't feel like playing anymore.. If I log in and try to level, I just don't like it anymore. I've played every character I think (except for the squire/warrior), and the only 3 character I really liked to play were the Champion, Princess/Little Witch and Maid. None of them is screaming to get me back anymore, so yea.

Some of the people I spoke in-game about me leaving asked me what I am playing now. I'm not really playing-playing like I played Red Stone, but when I feel like to I log in and play a bit. What is that game what I'm playing now? Dragon Nest Europe, (can be found on Steam)!

I played it a few hours now, And it's for me a replacement for Red Stone. It's pretty fun to kill some time with :)

So this is kinda what I'm doing now, no more Red Stone :) 

So I guess this was one of the last things to post on my blog for now, maybe that I ever get interested in Red Stone again and that ill be playing it again, but for now I dont think so :) 

My mage waving to High Brunestig ;-;
Bye Red Stone ♥ Thanks for all the time we've spend and all the good time we had! Also thanks to all the people that helped me, and brought me company through the game! Love for you all ♥